Living room


The studio apartment of 47 sq.m is designed for the person of a creative profession. We were faced by a task to create comfortable most functional housing for one. Among the main wishes there were a separate bedroom, a zone of an office and library and small convenient kitchen.

The interior of modern studio looks bright and filled with details. Walls of rooms are painted by monophonic paints with an opaque surface: for drawing room the difficult gray shade, bedrooms – lighter beige is chosen. At furniture is different in a form, color and the stylist. It is create creative mood.
Sofa in a bright emerald upholstery, the black varnished kitchen, a leather chair in colonial style together with a empire chandelier and stucco ceiling decor, author's products from a tree and metal bring a note of bohemian chic. Picturesque and graphic cloths of modern artists add bright paints.