Country house near Moscow

 Country house near Moscow

House on the Klyazma river

Wooden house on a Klyazma river

Hotel Astoria Lviv

Renewal of the Hotel Astoria Lviv

Total area 1200 sq m

The grand hotel "Astoria" was constructed in Lviv in 1914 by architect Tadeush Gartel from the architectural bureau of Adolf Piller in style "secession". In the Soviet years the name of hotel changed (it was hotel "Kiev"), but the essence remained former. Work on reconstruction of the building was together with the Lvov architectural bureau "Zelemin" led by Natalya Zinchuk. The task to get rid of the Soviet past of hotel (tiny numbers, worn-out communications, stylistics of the 1980th) and to restore historical gloss of "Astoria" was set. The situation was complicated by that any description, the sketch or the photo of original interiors of hotel didn't remain. But we were reached by partial drawings of plannings and fragments of an ancient decor. Though the building is also not an architecture monument, nevertheless, we should keep facades in accuracy and to restore interiors.



The studio apartment of 47 sq.m is designed for the person of a creative profession. We were faced by a task to create comfortable most functional housing for one. Among the main wishes there were a separate bedroom, a zone of an office and library and small convenient kitchen.

The interior of modern studio looks bright and filled with details. Walls of rooms are painted by monophonic paints with an opaque surface: for drawing room the difficult gray shade, bedrooms – lighter beige is chosen. At furniture is different in a form, color and the stylist. It is create creative mood.
Sofa in a bright emerald upholstery, the black varnished kitchen, a leather chair in colonial style together with a empire chandelier and stucco ceiling decor, author's products from a tree and metal bring a note of bohemian chic. Picturesque and graphic cloths of modern artists add bright paints.


House in Kiev

Interior with elements of the French classics and an art deco

Total area: 680 sq.m.

In an eclectic interior of the house eras and continents organically intertwined: France XVIII century, America beginnings of the XX century, Italy middle of the last century. A dark tinted nut in finishing of a ladder and door portals, a floor made from exotic Merbau wood, American  furniture made of wallnut and leather are combined with the stucco decorated with a patina.

Carved travertine in registration of a portal of a fireplace is in harmony with vanguard "horned" lamps and desk lamps covered with the shining pastes. As a background for stylistically difficult interior scenario monophonic walls painting of gray-beige and brown and marsh shades serves.

Two bedrooms appartment

Appartment with two bedrooms

total area 80 sq m

unusual color scale based on a saturated lilac-violet velvet,
wooden furniture and wall panels made of the American wallnut by "Stemary" Tallin,
the flat ceiling lamps increasing room height

The interior is solved simply and modern, with use of natural materials (a stone, a tree) and bright violet-lilac upholsteries. So, boards for a selection floor Rusticus were covered by oil which doesn't hide their beautiful structure at all.
Wall panels in a drawing room with the built-in cases are made of a wallnut according to author's sketches. The rich wood structure is shaded by the simple monophonic paint used for finishing of walls.