Detail of the reception desk

 The reception desk is made of wood and covered with a deep black varnish on wine-red soil. The edge of a desk-top is made of the nickelized metal profile. Wooden panels are also covered with a multilayered varnish, inserts from an alkantara of a gray-blue shade compensate red gleams of a varnish in an interior.

Renewal of the Hotel Astoria Lviv

Total area 1200 sq m

The grand hotel "Astoria" was constructed in Lviv in 1914 by architect Tadeush Gartel from the architectural bureau of Adolf Piller in style "secession". In the Soviet years the name of hotel changed (it was hotel "Kiev"), but the essence remained former. Work on reconstruction of the building was together with the Lvov architectural bureau "Zelemin" led by Natalya Zinchuk. The task to get rid of the Soviet past of hotel (tiny numbers, worn-out communications, stylistics of the 1980th) and to restore historical gloss of "Astoria" was set. The situation was complicated by that any description, the sketch or the photo of original interiors of hotel didn't remain. But we were reached by partial drawings of plannings and fragments of an ancient decor. Though the building is also not an architecture monument, nevertheless, we should keep facades in accuracy and to restore interiors.